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Bathroom Accessories

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  1. Pure Cotton Terry Towelling Unisex Bath Robe

    • Suitable for either sex and are widely used by hotels, resorts and spas
    • Perfect for after a relaxing bath or even lounging round in the house
    • The 100% cotton fabric will be sure to keep you warm whilst still feeling lightweight
    • Why not indulge in a little luxury at an affordable price?
    • Available in small, medium and large
  2. Portable Shampoo Tray

    • Allows you to wash a persons hair in a basin without having to move out of the chair
    • Allowing people who struggle with washing their hair, the comfort to allow somebody to help
    • Features a recessed edge that cradles the neck
    • Ideal for a wheelchair user or mobile hairdressers
    • Size: L44cm x W32.5cm x H3cm
  3. Foot Sole Cleaner

    • Clean and scrub the soles of your feet without bending
    • Perfect solution for people with limited movement
    • Simply pour on shower gel or liquid soap
    • Securely attach to you bath or shower with the suction cups
  4. Nail Brush with Suction Cup

    • Attaches securely to any smooth surface
    • Use in the bathroom or kitchen
  5. Foot Cleaner with Integrated Pumice Stone

    • Ideal for people unable to bend to clean their feet
    • Suction pads to attach to a bath / shower surface
    • Integrated pumice stone in the centre
    • Exfoliate and smooth your feet
    • Massage feet
  6. Long Handle Foot Brush with Toe Sponge

    • Ideal for people with limited mobility
    • Supplied with two replacement tips
    • Overall length - 680mm
    • Handle Length- 600mm
  7. Bath Sponge with long handle

    • No longer have trouble cleaning those hard to reach places
    • Bath sponge with plastic angle handle
    • Soft Sponge
    • Handle Length: 425mm
  8. In Shower Cleaning Kit - Foot Cleaner with Pumice Stone & Bath Sponge

    • No longer struggle cleaning whilst in the shower
    • Perfect for people with limited mobility or flexibility
    • Clean those hard to reach places without straining or stretching
    • Clean and exfoliate your feet with ease
  9. Dental Care Kit - 13 Tool Set

    • Dental hygiene kit with 13 tools
    • Remove plaque that you may not be able to reach with daily brushing
    • Stainless steel tools for hygiene
    • Comes in a storage case to keep your tools organised
    • Tooth Scraper, Plaque Remover, Dental Pick, Scalers, and more...
  10. Deluxe Inflatable Portable Shampoo Basin

    • Makes washing hair easier in bed
    • The unique design helps avoid splashes
    • Deflates for compact storage
    • Easy to drain
    • Tube Length: 120cm
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Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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