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Wheelchair Accessories

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  1. Super Grip Wheelchair Gloves (Small, Medium, Large, X Large)

    • Super grip wheelchair gloves are ideal for wheelchair users
    • The material on the padded palms has been tested for grip in both wet and fine conditions providing security when propelling
    • Full finger gloves
  2. Warm & Cosy FLEECE Chair Nest

    • Soften up your armchair and relax in pure comfort
    • Our Chair Nests are warm, snug and supportive
    • Also suitable for wheelchairs - makes them warm and cosy
    • Size: 25" (63.5cm) at the back, 46" wide (116cm includes the arms)
    • Beautifully made in our traditional British Factory
  3. Leg Lift Strap / Raiser Lifter Stirrup

    • Ideal for users with limited lower limb movement
    • Enables the user to move their legs in and out of their wheelchair or bed
    • Move your legs on your own gaining greater independence
    • Upper loop fit around wrist and stiffened lower loop for your foot
    • Length: 104cm (41 inches)
  4. Padded Wheelchair Belt - Fits Waist 32-70 inch (81cm-177cm)

    • Prevents wheelchair users from sliding forward
    • Our padded belt is made for comfort as it has 25mm (1 inch) of thick foam padding
    • Fits waist from 810 to 1780mm (32 - 70 inch)
  5. Single Cup Holder for Wheelchair

    • Have your drink to hand without the need to stretch or bend
    • Holds bottles, cups and cans
    • Fits easily to wheelchair
    • Folds away when not in use
  6. Double Cup Holder for Wheelchair

    • Holds cups, cans, bottles and small food items
    • Fits on the vertical bar of the frame easily
    • Compact - folds away when not in use
    • Made from moulded plastic
    • Lightweight - only 373g
  7. Wheelchair Tissue Holder with two handy compartments

    • Ideal for holding your mobile phone, drink, small note pad and pen, camera etc.
    • Made from nylon fabric and simply fits onto the frame of the wheelchair.
    • Fits on tube 7/8 of an inch
    • Light weight: 127g
  8. Wheelchair Lap Tray Work Table

    • Easily attached to the wheelchair armrest using the velcro straps provided
    • Ideal surface for leisure, work and dining
    • Made of strong, 15mm thick, MDF board
    • Size: L60cm x W51.5cm
    • Abdominal cutout size: 29cm wide
  9. Under Wheelchair Storage Bag

    • Provides a convenient storage compartment inside the front of the chair
    • It's fastened securely and easily by buckles
    • The special position doesn't affect the chair's center of gravity
    • The perfect bag for wheelchair users
    • Size: W28cm (11") x H24cm (9.5") x D36cm (14")
  10. Zip Top Wheelchair Storage Bag

    • Fashionable and waterproof
    • Zipper on top has loop straps to fit in the handles of the wheelchair
    • High visibility reflective strip on the bag can help increase safety
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Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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