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Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator

  • Multiple cues to prevent freezing
  • Laserline projected onto ground
  • Sound metronome
  • Vibration through handles
  • Easy to set and activate
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The Rollz Motion Rhythm Rollator

The Rollz Motion Rhythm rollator has many benefits; the biggest one being how effective it is for people living with Parkinson Disease. This rollator has been designed specifically for people with Parkinson’s to help combat freezing or festinating gait patterns, the rollator has three unique features that can help.

This revolutionary rollator can be used by physiotherapists, along with other professionals that support patient rehabilitation from neurological or Motability impacting injuries. It can help support people who have been in a coma, people living with Multiple Sclerosis or other conditions that effect Motability.

People who suffer from Parkinson’s experience sudden and short episodes of non-mobility, and cannot move their feet forward, despite the intention to walk. This can be dangerous and can cause falls, making the Rollz Motion Rhythm the right choice for you, as a trigger or cue can help to overcome this.

The rollator itself has handlebars that will vibrate at the pace you choose on the app. A big advantage to this cue is that it is not noticeable to other people, which can prove beneficial to people who may be self-conscious. Another way of helping break a freeze is the green laser line that is projected onto the ground in front of you, as it helps to improve the strides length and walking speed. Another way of helping to regulate walking speeds is a metronome that signals the preferred step frequency.

The stability of this rollz motion rhythm can help prevent falls that can occur due to balance problems. As with all Rollz products, it is superiorly made to offer unmatched stability and high manoeuvrability. The large wheels cross all obstacles easily and its folding mechanism allows it to be easily transported and stored. 


Synchronize the Rollz Rhythm Rollator to your Smartphone

There is an app which can be used to get the cues in sync with the rollator. Whilst the rollator is wirelessly connected to the Rollz Motion Rhythm, the smartphone will then either increase vibration, or play the metronome along with the rollator to increase the intensity of the cue, helping to mellow out the freezing and increases stability and mobility. The cues can be used solely on the phone instead, this way other people will be unaware of the cueing that is being used. This app can help to personalise the cues, making them the roller even more efficient, as some people with Parkinson’s may stop responding to the same cue due to over exposure of the stimuli. Additionally, the metronome tone height and cue activation can be randomised, creating a variety of patterns, which can help to prevent habituation. 

The app will allow users to change the intensity of cues, the duration and the predictability, this feature has been added so that people can choose to tweak a setting based off their own experiences and abilities, or in accordance with a rehabilitation program. If a therapist is involved, the settings can be adjusted to match a patients personal training goal

This app is available on Android and IOS and is free and easy to use.

The rollz motion rhythm is developed on the same frame as the Rollz motion; but has the extra benefit of having an electric module to offer visual, audible, and tactile stimuli, helping to combat against freezing.

The rollz motion rhythm is easy to use and can be set up by yourself or practitioner, the cues of this rollator start when a button is pressed on the handles. Your practitioner can aid you in choosing the right cue combination to fit your needs, to help you feel more in control. 


Extra Features

The slow down breaks will control the speed of the rollator, increasing the overall safety of the user when suffering from gait. The wheelchair add on will transform this fabulous Rollz Motion Rhythm into a wheelchair in 30 seconds, making this already incredible rollator even better. This feature is great for people who tire easily and need to be pushed further, or for if you need to take a short break.


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